In 2016, Goodwood asked Leveson Design to re-decorate both the old pub and the restaurant next door.  Both are Georgian and the latter was the orginal coaching house.  It was to be quite a challenge.

Cindy was keen to make the restaurant interesting, fun and cosy and put back some history but, most importantly, give it atmosphere.   Now called The Farmer Butcher Chef, it houses a vast collection of that all relates to their farm, to their butcher and to their chef.  It's all about Goodwood, Sussex and England.  There is a museum like feel about the room but not all the content is necessarily what you might expect to find in your average museum!   It was wonderful for Cindy to commission, as well as collect, some of the artwork and design some of the tables, which were then made in various metals.  In particular, she loved designing the steel and brass butlers tray and stand with the help of a brilliant local blacksmith.   All the chairs are antique (as are some of the tables) and all are either upholstered or loose covered in varying fabrics with a mix of trims and studs, however there are six chairs that were commissioned from Howe and upholstered in specially made Goodwood flags.

The floor has changed to boards, the walls are now tongue and groove and there is a very smart life size cow to greet you at the entrance!  

It is very gratifying to see both the restaurant and the bar being used as they were originally intended - open to the world and full of life.