Leveson Design has completed two projects at The Queen's Club.  The first being The President's Room which was completed in 2009 and the second The Terrace Room which was completed in 2012.

The President's Room received not only a total re-furbishment in style and colour but, portraits of former president's were sourced and copied by Leveson Design to give it the grandeur and history it deserved. 

A coherent look is important, so The Terrace Room which is adjacent to The President’s Room needed to bear a relation in terms of design.  In it’s past life it was a series of little offices but now serves as a drawing room, in which members read, work or attend drink parties.  French windows line the outside wall and open out onto the terrace containing Lloyd Loom chairs and tables.  A light, airy and slightly more feminine feel is present throughout the two areas.